The Highest Potency

We've formulated the highest potency pheromones for maximum effectiveness. Every pheromone we sell, we personally use ourselves. Just 1-2 drops is all you need for the best results.

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    "My wife and I were going through a rut in our marriage and stopped having sex. After wearing the Comfortable and Carefree Pheromone, my wife suddenly wanted to have sex again. We're expecting another child this year."

    - Matt R

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    "After breaking up with my girlfriend, I wanted to get back into dating but was out of practice. The Instant Attraction Pheromone gave me so much more confidence and I've even had women approach ME, which has never happened before."

    - Blake L

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    "I've always been a timid guy, and was starting to get pushed around at work. After wearing the Power and Authority Pheromone, I noticed that my colleagues started respecting me much more and I now am looked up to."

    - Joey M

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